Cville Contact Improv Co-op: Global Underscore contact jam Sat. June 22, 2019 10am-1pm in Charlottesville, VA

We'll again dance the Global Underscore in C'ville, an especially beautiful Contact Jam happening simultaneously all around the world!

The Underscore brings awareness to the states that occur in the practice of contact improvisation. It follows the stages of arrival, development, and resolution that naturally tend to occur at contact improv jams. By naming the elements and flows of encounters with self and other, we are able to become more resonant with each moment and possibility. After the initial "assembly" of verbal check-ins, the score is danced as an open, focused jam until the final "harvest" time of sharing reflections of individual experience.

The Global Underscore happens simultaneously around the world on the summer solstice each year. Through this shared practice we grow the connectedness of the community in both practice and awareness.

A "talk through" overview of the underscore will happen at the beginning of the event. There are no rules or choreography to learn. All are welcome with the intention to dance with focus from your deepest self.

Here's a textual rundown of the underscore, thanks to Seattle Contact Improv Lab, originally copied from an Amsterdam jam. The glyphs image is our own C'ville version, painted by Megan.

Underscore glyphs as interpreted by the Cville Contact Improv Co-op


Developed by Nancy Stark Smith, it is a structure that organizes a contact improv and allows people to work together in a warm-up or an improv session. It generates a very interesting frame to share that may orient the improv and provides a language to be able talk about the experience later.

I. Sequential Aspects: These aspects of the Score serve as a guide that develops sequentially. The changes from one aspect to the next occurs spontaneously for each dancer rather than being strictly controlled.
    1. Arriving energetically: bring the focus to the present.
    2. Arriving Physically: bring the attention to the sensation you have in the body at this moment. 
    3. Assembly (optional): coming together to talk in a circle (names, injuries, how long it will last)
    4. iv. Pre- ambulation: (optional): go through the space, open connections with the space and the people after the talk. 
    1. Bonding with the earth: to relax the body, to feel the support from below, connection with the floor. 
    2. Mobilising, agitating the mass: To mix the mass with the air, by jumping, moving, to get a new organisation afterwards.
    1. Low kinesphere: Dome, centre on the floor.
    2. High kinesphere: With the centre high. 
    3. (Maybe a moment to balance, to increase our tone.) 
    4. Expanding and traveling kinesphere: The base of it is the connection with your centre and with the floor. Breath. 
    1. Coincidence: same time same thing.
    2. Confluence: two rivers that meet. 
    3. Divergence 
    4. Touch 
    5. Attraction: is magnetic, you feel attracted by a body or a movement.
    6. Repulsion or Aversion 
    7. Intersection: cross ways. 
    8. Influence: music, people… 
    9. Contrast: acknowledge that difference is a way of connection. 
    10. Collisions: soft, they wake us up. 
    11. Tangent: when our route meets another just on a point. 
    12. Empathy and Resonance: I feel something from the distance. 
    13. Shearing: from shearing sheeps.
    1. Development: developing a duo
    2. Resolution: disengagement, end of the duo. 
    1. Observation
    2. Re-Entrance

II. Non Sequential Aspects- Any time All the time:
    1. Zoom in: We concentrate on a particular sensation and we increase the focus. It gives context.
    2. Zoom out: Consciousness of the total composition, without loosing the consciousness of what we are doing. home | Cville CI Co-op Facebook page
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