Cville Contact Improv Co-op: Contact jams and classes in Charlottesville, VA

A community-owned, cooperatively-organized, not-for-profit, by-donation Contact Improv organization, with facilitated contact jams, classes, and other events in Charlottesville, VA (with dancers from all around Central Virginia: Richmond, Lynchburg, Louisa, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, and out of town visitors from all over!)

January 2019 class/jam series
(Saturday mornings + a Wednesday evening):
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Facebook event for January
  • SAT. 1/5, 10am-12:15pm: CLASS with Brad Stoller + JAM
  • SAT. 1/19, 10am-12:15pm: Open Contact Jam w/facilitated warm-up by Emily Wright
  • SAT. 1/26: 10am-12:15pm: Open Contact Jam w/facilitated warm-up by Ken & Brad
  • WED. 1/30: 7:15-9:15pm: Open Contact Jam w/facilitated warm-up by Megan
February 2019 details to come, stay tuned. (No jam Saturday Feb. 2nd!)

January 2019 Contact Improv Jams and Class! (some Wednesdays + Saturdays)

bunny or corn?

We'll keep moving, exploring, connecting, creating at our Cville Contact Improv Co-op events in January. Non-profit/by donation.

Next Contact improv events: Sat. 1/5, 1/19 & 1/26 10am-12:15pm, and Wed. evening 1/30 7:15-9:15pm.

On the fence?  It's more fun, interesting and surprising the more people come, so your participation will really make a difference!  Invite a friend, too.

We're still tossing around what mix of new classes, jams, or Underscores we'll do in these dates.  Let us know what you'd like.

Fill out this form to confirm any of those dates and/or to tell us some preferences!

Jan. 2019 Facebook event here

(Stay tuned for February 2019 info. No jam Sat. Feb 2nd!)

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Ken, with Megan and Brad,
for the Cville Contact Improv Co-op
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